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International recognition for our extra virgin olive oil Kopos®

Silver award in Berlin Olive Oil Award for Kopos Limited Edition

We are honoured to announce our new partnership with the Super Market Thanopoulos

Bronze Award for the Kopos Limited Edition!

For 5 year in a row, Kopos recognized in London International Olive Oil Awards

Το Kopos Limited Edition επιστρέφει με Silver Award από την Ιαπωνία!

Silver Award in Berlin Olive Oil Competition 2020

One more award for "Kopos Limited Edition" by Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2019

Buteli® | Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the winners of this year's iF DESIGN AWARD Award, a world-renowned design award.

‘Dimitrios & Georgios Andriotis’ company at 83th Thessaloniki International Fair!!

«Centenarians brands 2018» -Silver award for Andriotis Company!!


Good Design Greece Exhibition 2018

An international recognition of our quality came during the London IOOC 2018

Andriotis® | Greek Olive Oil

Andriotis® | Greek Olive Oil has completed another successful presence at the international exhibition Food Expo 2018!

We participate for another one year in the international exhibition FOOD EXPO 2018 in Athens!

London calling! Kopos® goes to Britain!

KOPOS® | EVOO arrives in Japan and returns with a Silver medal from the International Competition OLIVE JAPAN 2017!

In LOS ANGELES International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2017, our 'toil' is being doubly rewarded!

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kopos® meets the Middle East on the 1st Exclusive Greek Products Forum 'Helliniko' in Dubai!

One more distinction for Kopos® Extra virgin olive oil with the gold prize at the International Olive Oil Competition in London!

Buteli® | Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the prize in the "Olive Oil Packaging" category at the EBGE 2017 awards!

At the international competition ATHIOOC 2017 our KOPOS® EVOO wins golden distinction for its quality!

The participation of Andriotis® | Greek Olive Oil in the exhibition FoodExpo 2017 has been completed with great success!

Αndriotis® | Greek Olive Oil participates at the international exhibition FOOD EXPO 2017 in Athens and invites you to visit us!

Andriotis® | Greek Olive Oil in an interview at the radio station ERA Corfu FM 99,3.

KOPOS® | Limited Edition at the award ceremony & the exhibition of winners of the German Design Award 2017 in Frankfurt!

Kopos® | Limited Edition at the Ηiiibrand Awards Exhibition in Huai'an City in China!

Enjoy holidays with a special recipe!

The prize in the "German Design Award 2017" gives us wings!

The journey continues with the presence of KOPOS® in “A' Design Award’s Winners' Exhibition”

KOPOS® conquers Northern Europe!

The FDA registration travels our greek olive oil in America!

Another Gold Award for the design of Kopos® | Limited Edition raises the bar even, higher!

New entry: 5lt tin can in KOPOS® family

Two awards in the international competition Terraolivo, honor Kopos® | Limited Edition extra virgin olive oil!

Great News! Kopos® | Limited Edition, nominated for the international prize German Design Award 2017.

Andriotis moves forward with an EN ISO 22000:2005 certification

Great Honor: Kopos® | Limited Edition received the 2nd place packaging award worldwide in the renowned “Dieline Awards 2016”.

Ηigh end Spanish magazine “Olivatessen”, characterizes KOPOS® olive oil as one of a kind!

An excellent article on "FNL-GUIDE" featuring Kopos® as the ideal case study of Greek olive oil

Winning in aesthetics and design: our creative studio, led by the respectable Mr. Chris Trivizas, is honored once again!

Οh yes! We did receive four awards on the LONDON IOOC 2016, London International Olive oil Competition! Not bad…!

An international recognition of our quality came during the 1st Athena International Olive Oil Competition with a silver award!

Andriotis® Greek Olive Oil at the 3rd annual FOOD EXPO, in Athens! Τhank you for coming!

Αn excellent article about our product Kopos® at “Olive Oil Times” is a great honor for us!

Andriotis company | Greek Olive Oil joins the Word Wide Web

Andriotis | Greek Olive Oil at Food Expo 2016

Presenting “Kopos”, the first packaged product of Andriotis | Greek Olive Oil