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Good Design Greece Exhibition 2018

We are glad to announce that the package of our product buteli extra virgin olive oil, which has been designed by the design office of Chris Trivizas, will participate in the exhibition Good Design Greece Exhibition 2018, in Museum of modern art of Athens.

For second year in a row, global prizes Good Design, the oldest international prize competition in the sector of design based on Chicago, hosts the exhibition Good Design Greece Exhibition in Athens with the cooperation of Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Designers from Greece and Cyprus who have distinctions for the integrity, originality and quality of their work, in the sectors of Industrial Design, Textiles Design, Environmental Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design/Packaging, participate in the exhibition.

Chris Trivizas design office is chosen among at least 200 applications in order to participate in the exhibition and present his work (logos and packages).

Buteli is an excellent virgin olive oil of limited production, made exclusively by olive trees of beautiful olive groves of Corfu. According to the local verbal idiom, Βuteli means store of oil harvest, and its origin is the Italian word “butelo” which is a word of Venetian language. It is a premium product, which is sold by selected stores in very narrow quantity.

Its package is consisted by a glass bottle, of 500 ml, a wooden cap, made by wood of olive trees which product Buteli. Looking for improvement of olive production, olive trees were pruned, when it is necessary. Afterward, branches are collected, screened and elaborated in order to transform into caps for the packaging of this specific olive oil.

Contemporary Space Athens Mitropoleos 74, Athens, Telephone: 210 3428511 Working days and hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 14.00 - 21.00. Modern Art National Museum, (EMST) Kallirois Avenue and Amvr. Frantzi, Athens, Telephone: 211 1019000-99 Working days and hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 11.00 - 19.00.

Information for the exhibition: www.gooddesigngreece.com/exhibition-2018 More information for Buteli® extra virgin olive oil: www.andriotis.co/el/buteli Information for other of our products: www.andriotis.co

Contact: Chris Trivizas 210 93 10 803, Andriotis Dim Georgios OE 26610 30386.