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The journey continues with the presence of KOPOS® in “A' Design Award’s Winners' Exhibition”

Pride and bliss! That's how we feel for the Gold Award in the international competition “A' Design Award & Competition” in the Packaging Design category for KOPOS® | Limited Edition packaging, designed by Chris Trivizas and our participation in the annual exhibition, which is organized for the winners of the awards.

Amongst other great products that stand out for their quality and design, our greek olive oil as well, was exhibited at the main exhibition at the MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design in Como, Italy. Two more exhibitions followed, which were carried out at the Cube Design Museum in Netherlands and at Bologna Design Week aiming to bring together product design enthusiasts and potential buyers with the award-winning products. However, the journey of KOPOS® | Limited Edition does not end here, but continues to the next station at Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, in China and many other cities.

Stay tuned A' Winners' Exhibitions