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high quality products

Discover our exceptional olive oil, representing high quality and our heritage.
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carefully selected

Our products are the result of a meticulous harvest, showcasing our dedication to quality.
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a family business

Our family business is a labor of love, passed down through generations.

Andriotis Greek olive oil In a few words...

Andriotis is a family business that specializes in the collection, sorting and trading of olive oil for over 50 years. Our long history, expertise and highly trained personnel, as well as the use of the latest technology in all collection and processing stages, have established our business as a reference point in the trade of premium quality olive oil.

Our Products

High quality products, carefully selected from locations around Greece & Corfu

Kopos ®

KOPOS extra virgin olive oil is a high quality product, carefully selected from locations around Greece. Its name, the Greek word for “toil“, reflects the hard work behind all production stages (cultivation, harvesting, extraction, collection, testing and processing), resulting in an olive oil that the consumers can trust and select for its premium quality.

Buteli ®

Buteli® is an extra virgin olive oil in a small production, exclusively from olives growing in the magnificent olive groves of Corfu. The word 'Buteli' originates in the Venetian dialect and is part of the corfiot traditional language. In the past, it was used to describe the shop where the Corfiot producers were selling the olive oil of their harvest. It is only sold in selected points and in exceptionally small quantities, in limited edition glass bottles 500 ml, with a wooden handmade cap, created from olive branches that have been selected and processed after pruning.

Kopos Organic ®

Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with environmentally friendly practices, according to the principles of organic farming from Koroneiki variety.

The importance of glass packaging

Glass is a natural product that remains unchanged, so it is considered the healthiest packaging material. Since it is inert, it does not react to foreign substances and does not absorb them. Due to its molecular structure, it is practically impermeable to oxygen. This is very important for products that are sensitive to oxygen, like olive oil.

Andriotis Greek Olive Oil kopos oil glass packaging

“ Devoted to all that nature & the Mediterranean diet have to offer ”

andriotis greek olive oil
Andriotis Greek Olive Oil eleonas
Andriotis Greek Olive Oil Kopos and Buteli premium packages
Andriotis Greek Olive Oil glass Kopos grey packaging
andriotis Greek Olive Oil

A story that passes through the olive groves of Corfu and travels throughout Europe.

Our Story
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Andriotis Greek Olive Oil olive tree
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andriotis greek olive oil eleones

years of specialization and respect for the olive tree and its fruit...


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Our products are available in many countries across Europe, Russia, Asia, and even in Australia, bringing the authentic taste of quality to a global audience.

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