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Vravevmeni Syskevasia Ladiou

Andriotis family business with its product Kopos® Extra Virgin Olive Oil conquers global markets, not only in quality, but also in design.
Recognition comes from famous international competitions, each one of them honoring Andriotis Greek Olive Oil in different categories, as well as nominations in international awards as German Design Awards 2017.

Kopos® Extra Virgin Olive Oil won two Silver quality awards – at Aristion London IOOC 2016 – EVOO Quality Awards and at the first international olive oil competition Athena International Olive Oil Competition – as well as a Gold award at the international olive oil competition Terraolivo Israel 2016.

The unique packaging design of Kopos® | Limited Edition, by creative agency Chris Trivizas distracted international recognition, winning three awards in the competition Aristion London IOOC 2016 – Packaging Design Awards – Silver for the Bottle, Gold for the Label and Gold (1st place) for the Whole Image – and the award of the ‘Best Packaging Design’ at the international competition Terraolivo Israel 2016.

Quality awards

Diagonismos Olive Japan extra partheno eleolado

Diagonismos London IOCC Xryso Vraveio Poiotitas

Diagonismos London IOCC argyro Vraveio Poiotitas

Diagonismos Athena International 2017

Diagonismos London IOCC Asimi Vraveio Poiotitas 2016

Diagonismos Athena International 2016

Design awards

Los Angeles International Asimenio Metaleio Design Syskevasias

A'Design Award Xryso Metaleio Design Syskevasias 2016

london IOOC Xryso Metaleio Design Syskevasias 2016

London IOOC Asimenio Metaleio Design Syskevasias 2016

Terraolivo Xryso Metaleio Design Syskevasias 2016

Symmetoxi dieline awards 2016