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About Buteli

Buteli® is an extra virgin olive oil in a small production, exclusively from olives growing in the magnificent olive groves of Corfu. The word 'Buteli' originates in the Venetian dialect and is part of the corfiot traditional language. In the past, it was used to describe the shop where the Corfiot Read More

The Importance Of Packaging

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Andriotis Greek Olive Oil Black Kopos tin cans

Glass Bottle

Glass is a natural product that remains unchanged, so it is considered the healthiest packaging material. Since it is inert, it does not react to foreign substances and does not absorb them. Due to its molecular structure, it is practically impermeable to oxygen. This is very important for products that are sensitive to oxygen, like olive oil.

Thus, components such as flavor and vitamins are retained for a long time without the need of a chemical additive. Glass is 100% pure; is created by three raw materials found in abundance in nature: sand, sodium carbonate and marble dust. It contains no toxic chemicals, so it is harmless to people and the environment.

Tin can

Tin cans offer complete impenetrability to light and oxygen, preventing the reaction of photosensitive oxidation, catalyzed by the substance chlorophyll that is basically responsible for the deterioration of the quality of packaged olive oil. Since tinplate containers are impermeable to light, the complete removal of oxygen is not required in the packaging procedure, because the unsaturated fatty acids contained in the oil -especially the monounsaturated oleic acid- are not particularly prone to autoxidation.

Conversely, plastic and glass bottles, because of the transparency of the packaging, need to be sealed under vacuum to remove all air from the interior. Tin cans combine the best features of the two other alternative packaging materials and, in particular, the light weight and strength of the plastic with the complete sealing of the glass. This means that the oil packaged in tin cans preserves its high biological value till the last drop, even if the casually closed container remains in a kitchen cupboard for long periods of time.

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  • A Variety of Packaging

Kopos ®

KOPOS extra virgin olive oil is a high quality product, carefully selected from locations around Greece. Its name, the Greek word for “toil“, reflects the hard work behind all production stages (cultivation, harvesting, extraction, collection, testing and processing), resulting in an olive oil that the consumers can trust and select for its premium quality.

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  • New Product

Kopos Organic ®

Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with environmentally friendly practices, according to the principles of organic farming from Koroneiki variety.

Places you’ll find Kopos.

Our products are available in many countries across Europe, Russia, Asia, and even in Australia, bringing the authentic taste of quality to a global audience.

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